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Configure the producer of the PDF document

I am looking for a way to change the producer via a property on the Jasperreports server in the same way as I can already change the creator, for example.

More context:
For security reasons, we want to hide the metadata of PDF files. Via the properties






we can already do a lot, but it is still displayed which programme is used to create the PDF file. OpenPDF Upstream allows you to empty the attribute with document.addProducer(""). See https://librepdf.github.io/OpenPDF/docs-1-3-17/com/lowagie/text/Document.html#addProducer-java.lang.String-
Unfortunately, this additional property is not provided in the Jasperreports-Lib via an attribute similar to Creator and others.

We want there to be a similar property for the producer with which we can hide this meta information on the server and report side.
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  • Feb 29 2024
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Components JasperSoft Studio, JasperReports Server
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