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Jasper domain database switch to be made easier

Jasper domain is tightly coupled with underlying database. We ran into a situation where we had to switch from Oracle to PostgreSQL as database. Since we had multiple organizations and 1000+ Ad Hoc view created on domain which were originally created using Oracle database as data source.

When we change data source to PostgreSQL, I had to manually edit domain definition to change upper case column and table names to lower case and test derived table queries in Postgres database(this is expected) and replace in domain design.

Even after domain was restored to PostgreSQL as database, all Ad Hoc views pointing to this domain become invalid and we were forced to created 1000+ Ad Hoc view not to impact customers.

This tight coupling of Ad Hoc view to underlying data source is a bad design. Once domain is created, Ad Hoc view should have connection to presentation layer only(business labels and table names). It should not matter which database the data is coming from as long as data base table names and column names remains same.

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  • Feb 22 2024
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Components JasperReports Server, AdHoc, Domains
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