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Checkbox textField editable and accessible

We need to generate PDF documents using Java code that implements the Jasper library. The PDFs must be accessible, so they need to be taggable in HTML.

In some cases, we need to create editable checkboxes that are also accessible.

For accessibility purposes, it's necessary that a screen reader can read a text like 'checkbox selected' when the checkbox is selected or not selected, in addition to the checkbox label.

The international standard dictates that it's not possible to insert hidden text that will be read instead of the symbol.

For images, it's possible to associate text to be read by the screen reader through hyperlink settings, but this functionality doesn't work for checkbox text fields. Therefore, it's necessary that this functionality be implemented.

  • Andrea Luca
  • Nov 20 2023
  • To be Reviewed
Components JasperSoft Studio
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