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Introduce back Single scrollbar in Adhoc view crosstab.

Creating this Enhancement request behalf of our customer "Procure Plus"

Before 8.1v of Jasperserver we had only single scrollbar in adhoc crosstab and which seems to be perfect.

After 8.1v onwards two scroll bars are introduced in crosstab and screen is divided into two half for Rows and Columns and two separate scrollbars are given to each section, Which is causing issues when reports using the adhoc are unworkable as you can only see minimal data. To match and analyze the data we need to scroll two different bars instead of only one.

Customer provided in detailed concern along with the video for the demonstration.

**Please see attached video of how the horizonal scrollbar is now working in version 8.2.0. We seem to have a change of behaviour in terms of how the screen renders and measure are taking over 50% of the screen availability. We only have a scrollbar on the left to scroll 50% of the screen which hides data items when building and viewing reports. If you have only 1 measure it takes up 50% on screen and if you add more measure then 50% is divided up amongst the number of measure. The more you add here then another scrollbar appears.

In the previous version 8.0.2 we had one scroll which went the full width of the screen and controlled all on the page. This is how it should be working.

The changes made in the hotfix results in the reports presented to clients being unworkable and when building a report using the ad-hoc are also unworkable as you can only see minimal data.**


After discussing this internally with our engineering team we got below feedback :

Thank you for the feedback and detailed video with the explanation of concerns from the customer. It is helpful for us to make further improvements to the crosstab as well as gives us good validation of the current implementation of the crosstab.


Thank you

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  • Sep 15 2023
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