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Show/hide option for columns in table element

Sometimes there are very large table elements that can include several columns, which makes the report extremely wide. While the entire report with all columns still needs to be viewed, there are times it would be nice to hide a group of columns to make the report easier to view.

We know there is the option to hide/show columns when you click on a column and use the formatting properties, but you have to click in and do this for each individual column. We also know it is possible to create a new input control and use Print When Expressions to allow users to select which columns to see. However, we want to be able to show/hide columns on the fly instead of reloading the report with a new input control value.

It would be nice if table elements could be modified to do something similar to HTML5 Charts. These chart types allow you to use the interactive legend to show/hide data on the fly.

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  • Mar 27 2023
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Components JasperSoft Studio, JasperReports Server, UI/UX
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