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Add JRS setting to automatically purge old Content Resource files

Scheduled report jobs have output files that can be saved to the JRS repository. These files can quickly add up and take up much needed space in the repository database.

It would be helpful to create a JRS setting that can be configured to automatically delete old Content Resource files from the repository that are older than a certain date. For example, automatically purge files from the repository that are older than 30 days. Along with selecting files based on dates, it would also be nice to be able to select which file types should be deleted (docx, xlsx, pdf, img, etc.).

While files can be deleted manually from the database side, it would be very helpful for JRS to purge old files automatically without having to run a database script.

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  • Mar 10 2023
  • Under consideration
Components JasperReports Server, Performance, Repository
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  • Rakesh Sharma commented
    4 Jan 05:46am

    When can we expect this?

  • Admin
    Damayanti Anand commented
    27 Sep, 2023 07:39am

    This is a really good idea. We will consider it as a future requirement.

  • Guest commented
    4 Aug, 2023 03:20am

    this is definitely required as db space becoming a big constraint and it’s a lot of manual work involved during migration for an upgrade.

  • Nagarajan M commented
    26 Jul, 2023 01:46pm

    This is nice to have a feature to reduce the repository DB size and also will increase the performance of the Tibco reports server. The product team can consider this with high priority.

  • Rakesh Sharma commented
    26 Jul, 2023 05:01am

    We are also in need of this feature. Hope it will be delivered soon.