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Entity based permissions for each role

Not sure if it's right term but in JS we've couple of entities like data sources, domains etc... I'm not sure if team at TIBCO considers adhoc views, reports, dashboards & schedules as separate entities or not but I think they're.

We had a requirement where we wanted to only allow specific roles to create dashboards or specific roles to create adhoc view & specific roles to only customize reports like apply conditional formatting/sort/filter etc but unfortunately that's not achievable at this moment in JS.

Would be nice if we can set permissions on these 4 entities (adhoc views, reports, dashboards & schedules) for each role like NoAccess, Read+Write+Delete & Read Only(this doesn't applies on schedules).

  • U Haque
  • Nov 15 2022
  • To be Reviewed
Components JasperReports Server, AdHoc, Dashboards, Scheduler, User/Role
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