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REST-API - Implementing a delegator functionality for callback when specific report is ready for download

Currently the software sending an execute command for a report. Afterward, the software poll the server until the report is finished.

FTP/SFTP is also implemented now. So it is an alternative kind of messaging the sender when finishing a report.

It would be nice to have a kind of delegator which is definable for doing a callback when a report is finished (Event driven philosophie).

It could be also a REST-Call using http/https. Because the receiver could be inactive or not reachable it should have a timeout parameter.

For security reasons, it is also possible to use a token parameter which will be used in sending back the report finishing event.

Other possibilities (if REST-Callback is too complex) would be using ActiveMQ connectivity alternativ to REST-API Execution / Viewing Job Status. Jasperserver listening to an ActiveMQ with predefined connection parameters (like in FTP/SFTP). and get the execution parameters as consumer of the queue. After job is finished, the job-ID is send back as producer.

  • Joseph Mirwald
  • Nov 3 2022
  • To be Reviewed
Components RestAPI
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