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Populate a calculated filed or measure with user-entered data from a filter

In many cases an ad hoc report requires user input that is not found in the data domain/data set. For example:

  • I have a data domain that contains "outage" records for when a particular object was down and not providing its intended service

  • The records contain the unique object identifier, and two timestamps for the start and end of the outage period

  • The user is interested in determining the total outage time for an object in a specific date/time range

Ideally two filters could be created for the start and end times. These could be simple strings entered in "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.SSS'" format for use in a calculated field with Timestamp().

We created a case (01875634) over 2 years ago and there is still no support for this concept. Hopefully submitting this idea as suggested by Technical Support will bear fruit. From a simple search I know we are not alone with this type of request...

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  • Oct 11 2022
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