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Change highlighting for invalid textboxes for color blind users

For those of us who are red-green colorblind, when we set x to 1190x, an invalid value, we get black text and a red background. This is almost invisible to a red-green colorblind developer. Not being able to read the contents of the textbox makes the job more difficult. I need to Select All, then Copy, and finally Paste in Notepad to read the contents.

This fix should go universally where black text and red background are displayed.

1. Once the user types in a valid value, remove error highlighting.
2. If using red background, use white or yellow text.
3. Choose another background color so color blind developers can distinguish the foreground from the background colors.
4. Instead of a red background, provide a thick red border around the invalid textbox.

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  • May 13 2022
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Components JasperSoft Studio, UI/UX
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