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Add a direct link to adhoc / report in dashboard / report

In our organization, we have a lot, lot of adhoc, report and dashboard.

Problem :

When we open a dashboard, we can have 4-5-6 adhoc view inside. But when we need to modify the adhoc view, we should enter the name manually in "search" if we don't know the path. In some case, many adhoc view have the same name (but in different folder). Sometimes we have 4-5-6 or mor files with the same name...

It would be a very very useful and productive tool to have only one button "redirect" near the adhoc name to click and redirect directly to the adhoc view (instead of writing the name entirely, and sometimes, it's a very long name...)

I developped my own button with an external script in javascript using your API, but i'm the only one using him, i want this for all our client and it's not a hard task to develop.


|my_adhoc_view_title (##btn redirect##)


And the (##btn_redirect##) redirects directly to the good adhoc view.

You can do the same for report in dashboard.

And the same for adhocview attached to a report when we open a report.

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  • Dec 13 2021
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