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In Studio, in the "dataset and query" dialog, allow to lock fields types before reading updated query fields


When we read fields from a query in the "Dataset and query" dialog, the types are estimated. Each of our numeric primary and foreign keys (Integer without decimals) are converted to "BigDecimal".

We take time to them change them to java.lang.Integer, we create variables, fields that depend on them.

If we change the query and re-read fiels, all our java.lang.Integer are re-converted to bigDecimals and we have to re-convert them to java.lang.Integer

It happens each time we change the query.

This is very annoying.

Would it be possible to "lock" a field so that it won't be changed when we re-read the query fields ?



  • Dany Isenguerre
  • Oct 27 2021
  • Under consideration
Components JasperSoft Studio
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  • Admin
    Damayanti Anand commented
    8 Nov, 2021 11:15am

    Thank you for bringing this to our notice! We will consider it as a future requirement.