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[case #68978 +3] Highcharts: implement measures properties (Chart Data tab)

Customer would like the ability to use measure properties in Ad Hoc charts to pass parameters on hyperlink, e.g.:

<hc:series name="Measure1">
						<hc:contributor name="SeriesItemHyperlink">
							<hc:contributorProperty name="hyperlinkType" valueType="Constant" value="ReportExecution"/>
							<hc:contributorProperty name="hyperlinkTarget" valueType="Constant" value="Blank"/>
							<hc:contributorProperty name="_report" valueType="Constant" value="/public/HTML5_columchart_dummy"/>
							<hc:contributorProperty name="ID" valueType="Bucket" value="Level1"/>

Currently, this is only achieve with report JRXML

  • Damayanti Anand
  • Oct 22 2021
  • Under consideration
Components AdHoc
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  • Admin
    Divya Chouhan commented
    22 Oct, 2021 06:52am

    This is a good idea! We will consider this in the future requirement

  • Admin
    Damayanti Anand commented
    22 Oct, 2021 06:43am

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