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"Summary Calculation" should calculate the total of displayed records in the report while using the "Hide Duplicate rows" option.

This request is for the "Add Summary Calculation" Option Available in AdHoc View.

Currently, if you create an Adhoc view there is an option to add Summary Calculation to Calculate Sum of the column's records."Add Summary Calculation" Option Calculates summary for each column Properly.

But While using "Hide Duplicate Rows", "Add Summary Calculation" calculates Sum of the Not Only Duplicate Records But Also hidden records.

ideally, If we use the "Hide Duplicate Rows " Option, the Sum should be of only records displayed to the user.

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  • Sep 6 2021
  • Under consideration
Components AdHoc, ReportViewer
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    Damayanti Anand commented
    17 Sep, 2021 10:10am

    Thanks for your idea! We will consider this in the future.