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Refresh CSV Files automatically

We have a customer that will benefit from reading CSV Files as input but we need to automate the content of the csv data. We have built a number of reports in Studio (based on CSV file content) and published these to the server using the relevant data adaptors. They all work fine, however the requirement each week is that the source csv files will be updated and this data needs to automatically be refreshed when the report is ran.

The CSV file (data) is updated each evening but the filename and location remain the same. In addition no extra columns will be added or changed on the csv file.

The requirement is to get this data in the repository so that when the report runs it automatically picks up the new data held in the csv file. We understand it might be possible by adding a URL to a file held on a WEB server but the preference would be not to use this method.

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  • Aug 24 2021
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