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[Case #72427] Ability to configure Ad Hoc View Query by user role

In Ad Hoc, you can enable users to see the Adhoc Views' queries.

Manage -> Server Settings -> Adhoc Settings -> Configure View Quey and then checked the "Enable View Query in Ad Hoc Editor" option.

Then, logged with a user with ROLE_ADMINISTRATOR we can see the generated query after clicking the "View SQL Query" button.
However, this feature is not available to just ROLE_USER. Customer is asking for the following:

"Ideally we want to configure specific external roles to allow users view query. But in the worst case it would be ok that all users with internal ROLE_USER can view the query."

Issue environment: JS v6.3.0 bundled Tomcat/postgresql on Windows.

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  • Mar 31 2021
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