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[Case #1529598 +1] Need Weblogic Certification

Customer needs to be on Weblogic According to customer, Weblogic 12.1.x will reach end of life in December 2017. JRS version v6.4.0 is certified on 12.1.1, 12.1.2, 12.1.3 only.

Customer is saying, they need to pay for extended support which is not an option. They would like to have support of Weblogic by December. Judging from the current release estimate, seems like the next JRS release may not be able to be released in time. Is there any way you can certify v6.4.0 on, hoping that it is compatible? If not, then add a patch so that customer can use Weblogic

Issue environment: JS v6.4.0 bundled Tomcat/postgresql on Windows.

Jasper Product + version:
App server + version:
DB + version:
JVM version:
Operating system + version:
Browser + version:

Expected result: Certify JRS on Weblogic

Actual result: Current version not certified on Weblogic

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  • Mar 31 2021
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