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[case 1608508]JRS Dashboard IC select query issue

What this user has described as the behavior of filter value search in dashboard can also be observed in adhoc view multi-select filter value search. Here is user's case statement:

"This occurs when the dashboard input control panel is configured without the "Apply" button. If there is a free text field, as soon as you start typing in the field, the report query begins to run. So, if you are typing multiple characters, the query is being launched that many times. In fact, multiple queries are being launched by multiple components. I would prefer that the query not execute until pressing the "Enter" key or moving to another field.

"What's more, there are times when I have finished typing in the text field, and the dashboard components come up empty even when there should be data.

  • Tom Chen
  • Mar 31 2021
  • To be Reviewed
Components UI/UX, Dashboards
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