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Ad Hoc Editor - allow users to easily see which source table for fields or measures added into editor

When adding a field or measure in using Ad Hoc Editor, user cannot see which source table the field comes from after it has been added. If there a lot of tables in the domain, this can become quite tedious.

From a user design, the user would only know what table the field/measure it belongs to after expanding the table (+) and then adding that field into the Columns or Groups.

But after adding the field, it is not easily distinguishable from the interface. So a duplicate field, eg ID belonging to multiple tables can appear as "ID" multiple times on the Ad Hoc editor.

This is an enhancement request to make the Ad Hoc Editor more intuitive for users to see which source table the added fields/measures belongs to.

  • Vincent Chiem
  • Mar 31 2021
  • To be Reviewed
Components UI/UX, AdHoc
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