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[JS-Performance] - Dashboards - High CPU consumption with SunLayoutEngine.nativeLayout Method in jdk 8

We've seen High CPU usage (75%-90%) with 5 concurrent users in the execution of Dashboard_300000, Dashboard_400000 and Dashboard_500000. Although we understand this is a CPU intense scenario, we dig deep to find the top CPU consuming methods. Using Dynatrace we've identified *ReportExecutionsJaxrsService* is the main consuming Service and *SunLayoutEngine.nativeLayout* as the key underlying Method among Code execution which drives the CPU usage higher.

We're using jdk 8 for Jasper-Tomcat server and high CPU consumption seems to be known issue with SunLayoutEngine for Java8. Need to understand whether we have came across this internally or from customers before and if there are some best practices which caters this or guides to use other jdk versions.

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  • Mar 31 2021
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