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[Case #1871066] Need modulo() and trunc() functions to elapsed* functions

Customer is using Elasped* functions for calculated measures in Ad Hoc Designer. The problem is the result. It is returning decimal with fraction. Change format yields incorrect values due to rounding [e.g. 2.5 days gets rounded to 3 days]. Apparently, based on previous sales force cases, this behavior does not seem to be changable. Customer is asking for additional functions such as modulo() and trunc() to get around this issue.

Issue environment: JS v7.2.0 bundled Tomcat/postgresql on Windows.

Jasper Product + version:
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Steps to reproduce:
1. Try anyone of these functions in Ad Hoc designer: ElapsedDays/Hours/Minutes/Seconds() functions

Expected result: Correct whole number

Actual result: Fractions

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  • Mar 31 2021
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