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[Case #1887703]Support Myanmar time zone consistently in JRS

User added Myanmar time zone to JRS deployment following the procedure as documented in JRS Admin Guide "Configuring JasperReports Server to Offer a Locale":


The time zone used in the configuration is Asia/Yangon which is a valid tz database time zone.


When testing in JRS 7.1.1 and 7.5.1, this time zone can be selected from the login page and domain pre-filter displays a timestamp field correctly with +6:30 relative to GMT. When opening an ad hoc view using this domain, however, we got the following error:

2020-08-20T20:24:05,528 ERROR AdhocAction,http-nio-8080-exec-1:604 - exception initializing ad hoc java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The datetime zone id 'Asia/Yangon' is not recognised
at org.joda.time.DateTimeZone.forTimeZone(DateTimeZone.java:337)

Research revealed Joda version 2.2 which is the one JRS used in the distribution (joda-time-2.2.jar) only listed "Asia/Rangoon" as the Canonical ID in its Available Time Zones list (http://joda-time.sourceforge.net/timezones.html). If we change the setting to use "Asia/Rangoon" in JRS, timestamp fields work correctly in both domain and ad hoc view.

1) It looks like domain and ad hoc view uses different class method to convert time zone. JRS login page and domain designer web UIs are able to handle Asia/Yangon and Asia/Rangoon time zone for Myanmar. JRS Ad hoc view on the other hand can only deal with Asia/Rangoon time zone based on jode 2.2 rules. Why this time zone is dealt differently in various JRS component?

2) Joda 2.10.6 supports Asia/Yangon as the the Canonical ID with Asia/Rangoon as its Alias for Myanmar GMT+6:30 time zone conversion (https://www.joda.org/joda-time/timezones.html). My user has tested joda-time-2.10.6.jar in their HRS 7.1.1 deployment and proved "Asia/Yangon" indeed works in ad hoc view with this jar.
Can we take a look at our JRS code and see if we can make the time zone conversion work consistently among all its components?

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

  • Tom Chen
  • Mar 31 2021
  • To be Reviewed
Components AdHoc, Domains
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